Neurexan® – Still having doubts?

Still have your doubts about Neurexan®?

Every day there are new challenges. That's why you're looking for help and maybe even considering taking a natural medication. But you have your doubts and reservations. Fortunately, there are many good reasons for you to take Neurexan®.

„I think the risk of side effects is really high.“

I think the risk of side effects is really high.

One thing is sure: No one wants side effects from medication, especially with these conditions. With Neurexan®, there is no need to worry. Neurexan® is well-tolerated and contains only naturally derived ingredients: Passionflower, Oat, Valerian Zinc Salt, and Coffee. These components have a relaxing, calming, and sleep-supporting effect – without risk for drowsiness, concentration deficits or daytime fatigue when you take Neurexan®.1-4

Neurexan® doesn't interact with other medications. What's more, 90%-91% of patients reported "good" or "excellent" tolerability.1-4

If you are lactose intolerant, you could take drops instead of the tablets because Neurexan® tablets contain lactose. Please consult your physician if you are allergic to one of the ingredients. No further side-effects are known*.

*Be aware that drops contain alcohol

„I don’t believe natural medication really helps.“

I don’t believe natural medication really helps.

When it comes to natural medication, some people have reservations that it works. But you can be sure that Neurexan® has a positive effect, starting within the first hour after intake.5,10 Several scientific studies have confirmed its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms such as nervousness, restlessness, daytime fatigue, and insomnia.3,4 Neurexan® reduces the stress reaction in stress-relevant brain regions of the central nervous system.1,5

When it comes to stress and sleep, the stress hormone cortisol plays a vital role. The intake of Neurexan® reduces the increase of cortisol levels and thus helps you to relax. The natural ingredients Passionflower, Oat, Valerian Zinc Salt, and Coffee all work within the central nervous system, where key signaling processes occur when stress and tension rise.6-9

Do you want to know against which symptoms our natural ingredients help in particular? Passionflower is effective in treating nervousness, anxiety, and sleep difficulties. Oat lowers cholesterol levels and helps against exhaustion and sleep issues. Valerian Zinc Salt treats nervousness and sleep disturbances without causing drowsiness. Coffee increases serotonin levels, relaxes, and improves moods.6-8

„I‘m afraid of an addiction.“

I‘m afraid of an addiction.

We understand that this can always be a concern – and we are taking this topic very seriously, too. That's why we can assure you: Neurexan®'s natural ingredients – Passionflower, Oat, Valerian Zinc Salt, and Coffee – aren't habit-forming, so there is no danger of addiction when taking it.

You can safely stop taking Neurexan® when you feel you don't need it and go back to taking it when your daily challenges again become more demanding. If you re-use the pack you have at home after a while, please remember to check if it is still within its shelf life.

„Why should I take medicine? I don’t have a problem.“

Why should I take medicine? I don’t have a problem.

We know that mastering the daily challenges can be difficult. But this is just a part of life. And everyone goes through at some point in time. Your symptoms may not yet be severe, but you should be aware that there is a possibility that they can get worse. Having this in mind, it is important to know that the sooner you take action, the sooner you will be able to break or not even enter the vicious circle of tension, anxiety, daytime fatigue and related sleep disorders.

Neurexan® can help you on your way to return to life at its fullest – with its unique combination of benefits for both day and night. During the day, Neurexan® helps you to regain your inner balance and deal calmly with stressful situations, nervous restlessness, tension and strains, which leads to better sleep at night. This unique combination of benefits for both day and night supports you effectively in turning things around.

Fast and efficient help with Neurexan®

Want to know more about Neurexan® and its natural mode of action? Then watch our video and learn more about how Neurexan® can help you to feel more relaxed during the day and get better sleep at night.

Enjoy a relaxed day so you can sleep better at night

Enjoy a relaxed day so you can sleep better at night

Neurexan® is a natural, effective medicine for nervous restlessness and related sleep disorders:

  • works quickly and naturally

  • relaxes and calms during the day, and therefore

  • supports healthy sleep at night

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