Neurexan® is a natural medication that can help you feeling calm and relaxed during the day, which will improve your sleep quality.

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Neurexan® – efficient, natural help for your daily challenges

Neurexan® is a natural medication that allows you to manage daily challenges in a relaxed way. It provides relief from various forms of restlessness, nervousness, anxiety and related sleep disorders such as insomnia. So, you can feel calm and relaxed during the day, which will improve your sleep quality during the night.1

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The vicious circle

Life is full of opportunities – but also challenges. Time is precious. So, you try to fit as much in your day as possible. Maybe it's career and family life, fitness and hobbies, or social life with friends and other relationships and commitments. Most likely, it's a combination of all of these things. But sometimes, they can just become too demanding because you commit to so many things. It's hard to juggle it all, and so it starts to weigh you down. You feel overloaded and stressed, which in return is simply exhausting – physically as well as mentally. After such a packed day, all you want is a night of good sleep. But due to the tension in your system, you have difficulties falling asleep, or might wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep. Without a good night's sleep, the following day is often an uphill struggle, leading to even more tension and stress. The result is a vicious circle – but fortunately, there are ways for you to find your inner balance again.

Everyday stress

Everyday stress

Your nervous system reacts to stressful times by releasing stress hormones to cope with the situation better. However, if your daily life's challenges give you no time to recuperate, then your nervous system triggers an ongoing stress response. A continuous strain can lead to4,5:

  • Nervous restlessness

  • Headache

  • Chest pain

  • And many more symptoms

Related sleep disorders

Related sleep disorders

Nervous restlessness isn't just a daytime symptom. It even continues into the
night, and related sleep disorders are the result. Your body needs sleep to recover from the strains it experienced during the day. But getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done, especially when you're restless. Even a few sleepless nights can lead to6:

  • Restlessness

  • Daytime fatigue

  • And many more symptoms

Turn things around with Neurexan®

Turn things around with Neurexan®

Neurexan® effectively and naturally helps you regain your inner balance by lowering your stress level and decreasing nervous restlessness and related sleep disorders. Break your vicious circle by going calmly through the day, feeling relaxed, and therefore sleeping better at night.2,3

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