Neurexan® – Sleep Disorders – Solutions

Ways out of the vicious circle

One way for you to tackle stress and get to the root of the problem is to relax. A natural preparation such as Neurexan® helps you with it by restoring your inner balance during the day and therefore lets you sleep better at night. Thanks to its unique combination of passionflower, oat, coffee seeds, zinc salt from valerian acid and the natural preparation, Neurexan® helps you being calm and balanced throughout the day, which lets you sleep better. Moreover, it reduces your feeling of being tense without compromising your efficiency, concentration, or roadworthiness.1-5

It’s time to get your sleep back

Falling asleep quickly and enjoying a good night's sleep depends on your emotional state. If you are upset about something or have problems in mind, these emotions make it difficult for you to get to sleep. In a relaxed, balanced state of mind falling asleep and staying asleep will be much easier for you. And after a restful night, you can deal with everyday situations more calmly and with more energy.

Bedtime routine

Bedtime routine – try to “program” your body to a specific schedule by establishing consistent daily sleeping patterns. Develop a routine process for the hour or so before you go to bed to relax and unwind.

Daytime exercise

Daytime exercise – daytime exercise will help improve your quality of sleep during the night. Any activity is good, but exercise outdoors with fresh air is even better. Avoid exercise and strenuous activity too close to your standard bedtime.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking – Your nutrition and eating schedule will affect your quality of sleep. Ensure you avoid heavy meals and too much alcohol too late in the evening.


Mindset – nervous restlessness often leads to worrying thoughts at night, making it a lot more difficult to fall asleep. Instead of worrying about what might come tomorrow, try to reflect on the positive things that happened today.

Your way to calm

Your way to calm

Neurexan® can be a valuable support to help you to calm down and relax, and for your mind to rest, so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.2

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