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Music has the power to bring back memories and to awaken emotions

And most importantly, it enables us to come to rest. Stop the fluctuation of the mind and treat yourself to a relaxing moment with our exclusive Neurexan® Spotify playlists, created just for you.

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Playlist “Peaceful Guitar”

Are you ready to leave the chaos of everyday life behind? Listening to our soothing acoustic guitar playlist will help you feel deeply relaxed when doing yoga, meditation or after a long and draining day at work. The songs were carefully curated to transport you to a peaceful and rejuvenating place. Lean back, close your eyes, and enjoy our restful music.

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Playlist “Floating"

Experience levitation with our “Floating” playlist, composed and compiled exclusively for your quieting time-out. This collection of gentle instrumentals will transport you to a world of pure, deep relaxation. The instrumental pieces have been composed with great attention to detail with the help of our mindfulness experts and carefully curated for you — for a feeling of peace and harmony.

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Playlist “Bossa Lounge”

Turn stress into a thing of the past with the mix of saxophone, piano, and acoustic guitar on our Bossa Nova Lounge playlist. The soothing tunes will transport you to a peaceful and comforting place. Whether you listen to it on the train, in the park, or at work - the good vibes of the melodies are your perfect companion to put a smile on your face. This selection is also ideal for active relaxation methods like yoga, and meditation. So, press play, sit back, and let the soothing sounds take you on a unique musical journey of tranquility.

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Playlist “Relaxing Piano”

The sound of the piano evokes a wide range of emotions in us: they can make us feel melancholic or euphoric, but they can also have a quieting and calming effect on our minds. This curated selection's gentle tones and slow tunes make you feel cozy and rested whenever you press play. Treat yourself and get lost in a calm, feel-good atmosphere with the unique, relaxing piano playlist composed exclusively for Neurexan.

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Playlist “Nature Moments”

The forest floor is squealing with branches, birds are chirping, and raindrops are hitting the leaves. Our unique Neurexan nature sounds playlist makes you feel like you're taking a relaxing walk in the woods when you're actually lying in bed and about to drift off to sleep. It sounds good, doesn't it? Our playlist of nature moments, carefully curated by Neurexan, is just what you need. Allow your body and mind to feel grounded by enjoying the sounds of mother nature.

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Playlist “Binaural Beats”

Binaural beats are created when two slightly different frequencies are synchronized. Each ear hears one frequency, which our brain combines into one relaxing sound. With music, they let you sink deep into sleep, calm the senses, and free the mind from disturbing thoughts. Our exclusive playlist, curated by Neurexan, contains gentle instrumental music that uses binaural beats to create vibrations to accompany during bedtime. Put your headphones on and head off to the land of dreams.

Disclaimer: Binaural beats can lead to deep states of relaxation and are only intended for use by healthy adults. Please consult your doctor before listening to the playlist if you have a medical condition such as epilepsy.

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Neurexan® effectively and naturally helps you regain your inner balance by lowering your stress level and decreasing nervous restlessness and related sleep disorders. Break your vicious circle by going calmly through the day, feeling relaxed, and therefore sleeping better at night.