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Get answers to many of the most common questions about Neurexan®.

How does Neurexan® work?

Neurexan® provides natural relief from symptoms such as nervousness, restlessness and related sleep disorders. You feel calm and balanced during the day, which helps you sleep better at night.1-3

When should I take Neurexan®?

If you are suffering from acute or constant nervous restlessness and related sleep disorders, the following dosage is recommended:

Allow one tablet to dissolve under the tongue up to 6 times a day.

If you are experiencing occasional nervous restlessness and related sleep disorders, the following dosage is recommended:

Allow one tablet to dissolve under the tongue 1 to 3 times a day.

Can I take Neurexan® in parallel with other medications?

Neurexan® is well tolerated and contains naturally derived ingredients. Therefore, you can take it together with other medications. If in doubt, it is advisable to check with your pharmacist.

Can I take Neurexan® on an empty stomach?

Yes, Neurexan® dissolves in the mouth and doesn’t contain ingredients that upset your stomach. It can be taken together with meals or alternative times of the day, even on an empty stomach.

How long do I need to wait until Neurexan® starts to work?

Neurexan® works swiftly after letting the tablet dissolve in your mouth – this varies a bit between people. Still, the calming effect should start to kick in within the first hour after intake.1,5,6

Are there any contraindications known for Neurexan®? If yes, which ones?

Neurexan® tablets contain lactose, so if you are lactose intolerant, you should use the drops instead of the tablets. Be advised that the drops / liquid Neurexan® contains alcohol. Otherwise, there are no known side effects for Neurexan®.

Does Neurexan® contain hormones?

No, Neurexan® does not contain hormones.

How can one single product keep me active during the day but at the same time help me to sleep?

Neurexan®’s special combination of natural ingredients combines benefits for both day and night: it helps you to stay in balance during the day, which means you are more relaxed. This calming effect makes it easier for you to fall asleep and leads to a better sleep at night.

Can I recommend Neurexan® to my friends and family? Or should they see a doctor first?

Neurexan® is a prescription-free, well-tolerated medication that you can recommend to friends and family. They don’t need a prescription but can buy it directly in their pharmacy.

Can I buy Neurexan® directly from the pharmacy?

Yes, Neurexan® is a medicine available without prescription, so you can buy it from your pharmacy without obtaining a doctor’s prescription for it.

What happens if I take too many Neurexan® tablets?

Neurexan® is well-tolerated, and no negative effects of taking too many tablets have been reported. If you have exceeded the recommended maximum dose please check with your pharmacist or physician.

Is there a risk of addiction/ dependence when taking Neurexan®?

Neurexan®’s natural ingredients are not habit-forming, so there is no danger of addiction or dependence when taking Neurexan®. You can safely stop taking it when you feel you don’t need it anymore and go back to taking Neurexan® when times are getting more stressful again. You should remember to check if the pack you keep at home is still within its shelf life when you re-use it after a while.

What happens when I stop taking Neurexan®?

Neurexan® is not habit-forming and does not cause any dependence of your body for its ingredients, so you can safely stop taking Neurexan® and restart when you feel you could benefit from it again during stressful and difficult times.

Can I boost the effect of Neurexan® with other medicine or dietary supplements?

Neurexan® was developed to be used as a standalone medication and is highly effective1-5, so that a boost is not needed. It does though not interfere with other medicines or dietary supplements

Will it have an impact on my allergies, such as sun allergy or lactose intolerance?

Neurexan® tablets contain lactose, so if you are lactose intolerant, you could use drops instead of tablets. If you are allergic to one of the ingredients you should consult your physician. No further side-effects are known*.

* Be aware that drops contain alcohol

Can I drive my car or operate heavy machinery when I take Neurexan®?

Yes, Neurexan® does not impact on your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery.

Enjoy a relaxed day so you can sleep better at night

Enjoy a relaxed day so you can sleep better at night

Neurexan® is a natural, effective medicine for nervous restlessness and related sleep disorders:

  • works quickly and naturally

  • relaxes and calms during the day, and therefore

  • supports healthy sleep at night

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